Beach: earlier on: sludge, dank green.  Bits of driftwood. Sharp pebbles, mud. Moss against sides. Brambles and thistles. Thick bank of grasses before edge. Occasional grass with bit of fluff in it. Rocks of small sizes. Pools of water stink. A smaller tree that has been blown over.

Game starts in absolute black.
You very slowly adjust to the light – after a few minutes.
You splutter.
You can hear sounds and your own breathing.
Your character is distressed.
You hear lightning.
You glimpse a forest through lightning.
You hear faint screaming.

You move forward through the rubble, over pieces of wreckage on the beach where your boat has been blown against rocks by high winds and part has been washed in. You stumble over rocks and hurt your ankle and are limping. You stumble over rocks. You can just about see three feet ahead of you because your eyes are dim and shaky.When lightning lights the sky you see strange shapes in the forest. You fall into a sudden dip. You hear howling. You hear screaming in the distance. There is mud at the end of the short beach, and a thin ravine cut into a bank that rears up. You follow through the ravine, sides sheer unto a point with huge overhanging trees. You trip on a thick root and hit your head on a rock.

You wake again, shivering now. The forest seems almost silent. You feel so cold and weak you think you might die or be eaten. There is a little light from the moon, but very little. The trees seem like overwhelming. You are so tense you keep looking into the shadows for something. Some of the bumps of the trees and hedges behind them and hollows appear like sudden faces. You slip as you walk. Suddenly you hear a scream again.

You look around at the dim shadows of the trees and can see a little moonlight coming through the canopy to the right. You run towards it and the screaming gets louder. The landscape is dark. The forest floor is covered in roots and is wet and you make slow progress as you walk carefully, feeling with your hands at times when the forest floor drops down. There are faint rustlings and howls and the distant rustling of water and you feel sure you are being stalked, looking back now and again. The moon is more or less the only landmark and you can only think if one of your party is there, he or she would have done the same.

You want to turn back immediately, though you think either way you won’t last long.

You take what seems like a natural route through the trees, dropping white pebbles you picked up at the beach but you know that this logic is tenuous and the trail might be hard to find; you can feel your heart beating faster and you know that you need be able to get back from the forest. There was a place just beside the ravine that you could collapse in and be in the way in case your companions come back. You know somewhere that this is all probably a lie and you will die soon of wet and exhaustion.

Just as you think you should definitely turn back, you see a figure through the trees. You judder, even though you were hoping for it. It’s Lena, lying by a tree.

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