Pitch/bark – tinder
Spark maker – flint and steel or bow saw or lens
Use knife to make very small kindling

Kindling and tinder have certain properties.
Wet kindling and fuel burns worse
Deadfall: dry, as long as not decomposing
Charcloth – pre-prepared

Do fire in certain order

Position of fire in terrain – challenging to program zones – based on height – two sheltering walls
Wind – 0 to 3. Depends on how wind is blowing.
Smoke – has to move in the window.

Use knife to craft a lot of different stuff

Use to knife – guy would go into wood and use knife to
2 people close by each other would learn faster.
2 people close by would work faster for some basic tasks.
Easier to collect more branches at once.

Difference: stackability of hands and backpack different in terms of item size and weight.
Carrying larger things in groups. Or only larger characters would carry larger items.
Branches on the ground – wet or dry
Knife for tinder and kindling

Fire works as an incinerator

Human body deterioration and ‘health’
Crippled limbs, torso – lowers stats
Heart conditions leading to heart failure
Organ failure
Blood loss
Extreme cold
Brain death
Lack of oxygen
‘Health’ – overall number that’s derived from your current condition
Vitamin deficiency

Health bar –
Symptoms happening under the hood – need doctor to find it out

Cold – certain effects

Larger character could lift rocks, push trees to find grubs, move larger fuel
Forest large. Each tree has a script, so we wouldn’t have to place fuel separately?
Tree generates number of dead branches based on exposure. Tops of hills, branches might be drier. Over half of branches would be decomposed – static?
Place bundles on the ground – zones? Optimally placed.
Game wouldn’t tell you you can peel off birch bark.
Ben injured about stuff.

Time real life for crafting.
If crafting in the inventory, game takes what’s in your hands and puts them in your inventory.
Your hands would be dedicated to the crafting as long as you decide to craft.
Sharpness of knife would go down slowly.

Deterioration for objects (such as knife)
You can hit rocks -> would go blunt. But you can use a blunt knife.
Objects have properties (sharpness, otherwise).
If you’re injured or unwell, it would increase time for certain tasks.
S-Etucard magazine article.
What bag/’carrying device’ would each character start with?
Interchangeable carrying devices.
The more moist fuel, the more tinder and kindling you need. UP to a point??? Everything has a moisture value.
The larger fire you have, the less it matters how moist it is.

Wind blows: harder to make fire. Wind blows things away. Harder to make things catch fire. Rain comes: harder to make fire.

Time? Real time?  No. Different time lines for different things. Weather has one timeline – other elements have different timelines.
Minecraft: 20 minute day.

If you build a small fire, you can add more fuel. You can try to find more fuel.
Slightly wet stuff – put next to the fire to dry them. Store dry fuel somewhere once dry.
Someone to tend the fire.
Different sizes of fire: fuel you need more of.


·         Dry pine needlesleaves or grass[3]

·         Birch bark

·         Dead, standing (usually one season old) goldenrod

·         Clothlint, or frayed rope (if made from plant fibers and not treated with fire retardant)

·         Char cloth

·         Cotton swabstampons

·         Paperpaper towelstoilet paper, etc.

·         Dry bread or knäckebröd and shoe polish

·         Punk wood (in the process of rotting) or charred wood

·         Some types of fungus (best known is the amadou or horse's hoof fungus)

·         Bird down

·         Small twigs (poor tinder but commonly available)[4]

·         Fatwood, also known as rich pine or pine knot.

·         Fine-grade soap-coated steel wool

·         Shaved magnesium or other alkaline earth metals[5]

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